Scaling & Polishing

Scaling and polishing is routinely carried out every 6 months, unless clinically required more or less frequently.

Prestbury Road Dental Practice have a full time Dental Hygiene Suite run by a team of highly trained Dental Hygienists.

Our Dental Hygienists carry out regular dental cleaning treatments, as well as therapies to help with oral problems such as bleeding gums, gum recession and loss of teeth through Periodontal disease.

We can also help to clear up unpleasant breath.

Our Hygienists also provide valuable Oral Hygiene Education for Children, which includes the use of Intra Oral cameras to show Children a dentists view of their teeth. This can aid oral health education when used with our special disclosing solution.

Please ask about our Zoom Professional Tooth Whitening System, now available in our Dental Hygiene Suite.