Complementary Treatments

hypnotherapy & ReLaxation

At Prestbury Road Dental Practice we can offer a complimentary approach to your dental, oral and lifestyle fitness.

Our dental hygienist Carol Lax holds a diploma with distinction in Hypnotherapy, (2011) and is a member of The Hypnotherapy Society and her name can be found in their register.

Carol specialises in dental fear, dental phobias and dental anxieties. She has had experience in offering therapy to a wide range of patients who have battled for many years with a fear of visiting the dentist. In addition to this she also offers hypnotherapy for many other issues.

This service is available upon request to help with a number of topics.

The anxious patient can relax with us as we can offer relaxation and hypnotherapy for a number of benefits to include: dental anxieties, fear of the dentist, fear of injections, as well as all other concerns over receiving dental treatment.

In addition to this, patients have used hypnotherapy to become non-smokers and for help in making dietary changes in their lifestyle.

Carol will be more than happy to discuss any concerns you may have over any aspect of your dental care.

For more information, please call Prestbury Road Dental Practice on 01625 432300.